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From traditional to contemporary, cabinet doors are a key fashion component. That's why Bishop offers doors in a variety of wood species and contemporary surfaces, such as metals, foils and exotic veneers. Check out both Wood Styles and Modern Styles sections, and be sure to scroll from side to side to see a huge variety of door styles.

At StarMark Cabinetry, a cabinet isn’t punched out of wood and then stored on a warehouse shelf until you order it. We make each cabinet by hand, one at a time, to your exact specifications.

Are you wondering if you can afford cabinetry that kitchen designers love to specify? You can! When you compare a quote for StarMark Cabinetry to a quote from a home center, remember:

  • Your StarMark Cabinetry will last your lifetime. It won’t need to be replaced   after ten years.
  • Your installation bill will be smaller with StarMark Cabinetry. Our custom cabinetry arrives to your home assembled, saving precious dollars on installation and giving you unparalleled fit and finish.
  • StarMark Cabinetry is built in 1/16 inch increments, so you can use every inch of space in the room.



Waypoint Living Spaces® makes remodeling easier with design professionals that offer more than beautiful cabinetry for kitchens, baths, or any room in your home. We have the tools and process to provide a stress free remodeling service.